Raisebore Australia has considerable experience in coal sector having completed work in the New South Wales and Queensland coalfields. Raisebore Australia is the only specialist raiseboring contractor in Australia that operates and maintains ‘flame-proof’ equipment for use in underground seam to seam drilling.

Our extensive raiseboring fleet ensures that we offer a complete range of equipment to ream shafts in coal. Currently our equipment level allows Raisebore Australia to have at least four machines with the capacity to ream raises from 4.0 metres to 6.0 metres in diameter, which ensures an emergency back up is available if required.

The intermediate capacity raiseborers of our fleet are utilised to ream raises from 0.6 metres up to 3.8 metres in diameter to depths in excess of 600 metres.

Additionally, Raisebore Australia retains a fleet of six specialist ‘Slot’ raiseboreres which are used to ream raises and escapeways from 0.6 metres to 1.5 metres in diameter.

Some of these machines have the capacity to up-ream and down-ream as well as ream conventional shafts. Raisebore Australia can also supply a real time vacuum sampling and monitoring system to ensure the atmosphere at the reamer head is within specified levels. A Trigger Action Response Plan (TA RP) has been developed for the reaming application to remove the potential for frictional ignition in the shaft from rotary cutting. We maintain vacuum pumping equipment for surface use and the equipment can be easily converted to monitor samples taken utilising a venturi system supplied by our clients.

Raisebore Australia has extensive experience in coal with work completed at Wyee Colliery, Cordeaux Colliery, Tower Colliery, Austar Colliery, Newpac Colliery, Nardell Colliery and Abel Colliery in New South Wales. We have also completed shafts in the Bowen Basin at Southern Colliery, Central German Creek Colliery, and Grasstree Colliery in Queensland, Australia.

Raisebore Australia has shown a consistent history of continuous innovation; and rising to meet and surpass the highest requirements and standards in the coal mining sector.

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