Experience – Adapting to Needs

  • Completed major projects in the township of Beaconsfield, Metropolitan Sydney and the Tower Colliery at Appin.
  • Installed both major surface raises at Ridgeway (a major environmentally sensitive location).
  • Complied with all EPA requirements when raiseboring a 200 meter deep shaft from a jetty in the centre of Avon Dam Reservoir, which is the major water supply for the City of Woollongong.
  • Used a raiseborer as a crane to retrieve an eight cubic metre loader that had fallen into an open stope.
  • Changed cutters on a reamer that was unable to be lowered by down-reaming an access shaft to intersect a jammed reamer.
  • Set up on a jetty to drill through a 30 metre deep lake with use of caissons to form a penstock.
  • Excavated a one metre diameter horizontal tunnel, which was used for the successful rescue of trapped miners in Beaconsfield Mine, Tasmania.

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