Values & Vision

The Raisebore Australia Values
We are a multinational corporation with a family core. We take great pride in our work and take the initiative to practice what we preach. Integrity and honesty are in every facet of our business and we consistently strive to uphold and maintain the highest professional standards.

Our values are indicative of the way we work, who we are, what we represent and the way in which we conduct our business. Paramount to the company is safety in every role, aspect and position, and we understand that our reputation is only as good as our last project.

The Raisebore Australia Vision
We aim to be globally recognised as the world’s premier raiseboring company.

The Raisebore Australia Mission
Our mission is to safely, effectively and efficiently meet and exceed expectations required by all stakeholders. Our guiding stars are to: safely, responsibly and in a no-compromise fashion endorse a zero-harm workplace moulded with a sound work ethic; continue to promote a culture of work health and safety, innovation and ingenuity; strive to implement new technologies and create even greater efficiencies; straight-talk with all of our main stakeholders; maintain a proactive workplace and encourage useful dialogue between all stakeholders; ensure the minimisation of delays and utilisation of our labour and equipment, delivering optimum results for all of our stakeholders.

In order to achieve The Raisebore Australia Vision and The Raisebore Australia Mission, focused and uncompromising emphasis must be adhered to in the implementation of Guiding Stars and The Raisebore Australia Family Values.