Capability Statement

Raisebore Australia is a specialist raiseboring company with a core business in conventional, down-reaming and up-hole raiseboring. It has extensive experience in environmentally friendly areas and has developed procedures for noise control and the containment of hydrocarbons (procedures considered the most advanced in the industry).

Raisebore Australia’s fleet features 13 machines (one of the largest in Australia) with the flexibility to ream raises as small as 0.66 metre diameter up to 5.5 metre diameter. To avoid workplace delays, replacement units are available should machine failure occur. Raisebore Australia is the only Australian company to offer a dedicated ‘slot hole’ division, which comprises five low-profile, easily maneuverable rigs. All the machines have the capacity to down-ream, while two units can also up-hole raise.

All machinery complies with Best International Practice recommended by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Raisebore Australia will only operate with:

  • compliance of relevant Work Health, Safety and Environmental Legislation
  • Australian and International Standards
  • a Work Health Safety and Environmental Management Plan
  • Job Safety and Environmental Analyses as required; and
  • Safe Work Method Statements for each task.