Civil Construction

Raisebore Australia has had a great deal of involvement in civil projects in Australia, Hong Kong, Portugal and Vietnam.

Our large fleet of raiseboring machines, combined with extensive inventories of consumables, provides Raisebore with the dynamic ability to ream raises for civil works from 0.6 metres up to 6.0 metres in diameter.

The raiseboring technique may be utilised for a variety of applications such as shafts for hydro-electric projects, underground gas storage facilities, egress and underground elevator shafts, exhausts for subway or motorway tunnels, plus many more. In fact, the raiseboring technique has a myriad of applications and they are best considered with liaison with the experienced members of our team.

Raisebore Australia is able to value add to your civil construction project by adapting our strict, well defined work health and safety, environmental and procedure protocols to the civil construction industry. We are able to readily identify potential problems and provide procedures for risk mitigation based on our considerable experience and expertise.

Our technique has numerous applications.

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