Our Team

We recruit and retain the best and most experienced raisebore operators in the world. We foster and actively support continuous improvement and innovation by our staff through: identifying talent and recognising the importance of aligning a skill set with particular tasks; setting high goals and expectations of our team; developing career paths and promotion from within; and providing access to further education for our team.

We also place importance on maintaining an open dialogue. It is of utmost importance that our teams in the field maintain an ongoing and open dialogue with all key stakeholders. Besides our due reporting process, we encourage: talking frankly–while being respectful of other cultures, experience and beliefs; accepting and providing constructive criticism when appropriate; and adding value to the team as a result of unique experiences.

The congruence of goals and objectives between all major stakeholders is vitally important for any project. We ensure an upfront mutual understanding of expectations and requirements (both on and offsite) and take the time to understand and verify changes in requirements. Internal assessments and mutually agreed key performance indicators ensure this process happens. We attribute the success of this approach to the fact we regularly exceed expectations and set new benchmarks in the industry.

At Raisebore Australia we celebrate our success. As with any great achievement–if it is worthwhile commencing, it is certainly worthwhile celebrating. We achieve this by being proud of our team and their development through our Family Values; encouraging each other upon the completion of difficult tasks; rewarding achievement of our team and sharing achievement with each other in offsite Team Building Events. At Raisebore Australia we believe in and exercise the Raisebore Australia Family Values everyday.

Our Senior Team

Rod Bertram | Managing Director
Certificate in Mining Engineering, 
Certificate in Surveying, 
Registered Licensed Builder

Rod has in excess of 40 years in all aspects of mining, from surveying to engineering and has specialised in development and management of raise drilling activities for the past 12 years.

Ben McCarthy | Chief Operating Officer
Bachelor in Business/Bachelor on Law (Honours), Certificate II in Civil Construction), Diploma of Business

Ben joined Raisebore Australia in February 2018 and was recently appointed as RBA’s COO. He comes from a strong commercial/contracts background working on a number of high profile projects in Mining. Over Ben’s tenure he has been employed by a number of Tier 1 and 2 mining houses and engineering firms. He has successfully managed both domestic and offshore businesses and projects, using multiple contract models including JVs, Alliances and EPCM arrangements. As well as his contracts history Ben has numerous business interests in a number of investment funds and has sat on a range of boards as a non Executive Director.

Peter Bennett | Chief Financial Officer
Graduate Diploma of Accounting

Peter has had extensive experience within the mining industry, spending much of his upbringing in the mining regional mecca of Broken Hill, NSW, Australia. Peter has been with Raisebore Australia for more than 10 years, and continues to oversee the complete accounting function of the Raisebore Group.

Stephen Doubleday | Manager – Operations
Front Line Management, Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessing, S1 S2 S3 Mining Supervisor

Stephen re-joined RBA in July 2018 as an experienced raise drill operator and has been appointed as RBA’s Manager Operations. During his 24 years plus in the industry Stephen has a proven track record in supervisory and management roles.